It’s time to create a life that
lights you up

You can find clarity and fulfilment.

You can create a life aligned to you.

Gf, let’s just pause and be honest with each other.  

Feeling stuck and uncertain sucks.  

I know the struggle of being misaligned and forever questioning yourself and what you should do with your life.  

The worst part about it is that you know there’s a much better life you could be having.

You know you have talents, skills and there’s bigger things for you. You can see the life you really want but it seems so out of reach that you don’t even know what your first step should be.  

Does this sound familiar to you?  

You wake up feeling tired with low energy and drag yourself out of bed.  

Your morning routine consists of you getting your shit together to travel to a job that you’re good at but you know it’s not the right career for you.  

You’re sure there’s something much better out there but you have no idea what your passion is or what you would be good at. Plus you’ve already spent a lot of time building up the career you currently have. Maybe you should stick with it. You feel trapped and stuck.  

Underneath all of these thoughts is an unsettled feeling you just can’t shake. You get stressed and worried about all the options flying around in your head and the person you think you need to be for other people.   

All of this leads to...


Feeling overwhelmed and paralysed so you take no action and make no meaningful changes.  

You distract yourself with other things. Your phone, Netflix, going out with your friends or hitting the gym hard.  

And girl, I’m not saying that you’re lazy and being a sack.  

Nuh uh. You’ve got goals and motivation. You do well in your job, you look after yourself, you live in a nice place and you are always out with friends.  

You’re motivated as fuck and you’ve got the drive to do anything you want to.  

You just don’t know what that is.  

Which is why you are stuck.  

 And to be honest, you’re not sure if your ultimate dream life is even possible for you.

You don’t back yourself to have it because you’re not quite good enough to get it yet.  
And there’s so many obstacles in your way!  

Breathe. This shit can be stressful.  

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. 

What you need first is to connect with yourself first.   

To tune in to your true self and your intuition.   

To create some space away from the pressure you feel from your current life and the people in it.   

To gain clarity on what you want and what aligns with you.  

That’s just the first step.  


Sound like just what you need?
Now imagine this.  

You wake up bright and refreshed after a good sleep. You know what your perfect day looks like and you’re ready for it.   

You start your day feeling centred and calm, aligned and confident.    


Most importantly, you feel like yourself. All your decisions are based on what feels good for you and you have no uncertainty when you make them.

You’re connected and your intuition guides you. 

You are in control of your goals and have the total belief that they are possible for you.

Hell, you’re already halfway to achieving them!  

Right now, you’re working in a career that fulfils you and uses your strengths and talents. You have passion, purpose and are contributing to the world.
You my friend, are doing something special and you can feel it.   

It’s so easy to be motivated because you have a future vision that excites you!   

Not just that, you have a fab group of friends and your life is full of love.  You feel healthy, fit and radiant.  

Money is no problem and savings are building.   


Your weekends are filled with people and things that light you up.

Food markets, exploring, sport, festivals, shows, brunch, walks, dinner out, movies, sleep ins, reading... Everything that makes YOU feel good.  

Girl, you are the definition of lit up! 

So why do I know this is
possible for you?  

 Because I made it happen for me.   

That’s why I created my
three-month coaching package  


We work together one-on-one to:  

Reconnect you with yourself 

Gain clarity and confidence 

Identify what’s holding you back 

Design your most fulfilling life, and; 

Take actions towards your new vision and goals to create it.  

Here’s how working with me can move you from stuck and uncertain,

to living an incredible life that light’s you up.

Month 1 


  • Do a full life review and identify where you feel stuck and misaligned.  

  • Reconnect you to yourself through meditation, visualisation and coaching. 

  • Tap into your intuition and inner voice 

  • Get the clarity you need to start designing your perfect life.  

  • Identify and dissolve the limiting beliefs and ideas that are blocking you.  

  • Build a new mindset of yourself and the world.  

  • Make instant adjustments to increase your joy and excitement for life.  


Month 2 

Now it’s time for:  

  • Dreaming, scheming and vision believing from a place of alignment 

  • Clarity and strong visualisations for the life you most want 

  • Highlighting and exploring your purpose and passions 

  • A super strong meditation practice and intuitive connection 

  • Overcoming the obstacles that come with doing this work.  

  • Brainstorming a life design plan that is bursting with goodness 

Month 3 

It’s action time baby!  

  • Creating a full life design plan with your clear future vision, goals and action steps 

  • Taking action towards these goals every week with my support and accountability

  • Practicing new beliefs that support your life vision and give you total confidence 

  • Making decisions based on your intuition and that space of connection within yourself 

  • Learning a completely new mindset on the world and the opportunities in it for you 

  • Living a life full of amazing people who you love, fun activities, positive thoughts and balanced wellbeing. 

Your investment 

Three months of tailored, 1-on-1 coaching with me is £1,200.  

A payment option is also available for £450 each month.  


 If this is exactly what you’re looking for right now, schedule a call with me.  

We can talk about where your life is at right now and how my coaching can move you from stuck to flourishing.  


All the deats 

  • Weekly in-person or video/phone sessions 

  • Unlimited email or message support 

  • Tailored exercises and practices that work for you 

  • Meditation, visualisation and mindset training 

  • Intuition discovery and connection 

  • A full life, mindset and beliefs review 

  • A dream life design with your visions, goals and action steps 

  • A number 1 supporter to help you see what’s possible, believe in you, push you to take action and keep you accountable.  

This is you and I, 1-on-1 for 12 weeks for £1,200.   

Or three monthly payments of £450. 

“I really feel like I learned a lot about myself and the direction I want my life to take. It was thought-provoking and energising! When the day for our session came I was feeling so lethargic and uninspired. By the time our session was done I was buzzing with excitement and feeling more clarity than I ever have. Thank you for your wonderful work! I can't wait to move forward with what we talked about!”

 - Mary 

How amazing does this sound?

I would love to help you create a life that lights you up and would be so excited to work with you!  

Book a call with me and let’s talk more about what I can do to make your most aligned and fulfilling life possible.  

If you’re still not sure... 

Picture this.  

It’s a year from now and.... you feel exactly the same.  

Yeah, you got that pay rise so you’ve got more money for Friday drinks and Sunday brunches, you finally started flossing your teeth, you dabbled in meditation and set intentions to live in the present, and you went on a fab holiday to Portugal. 


All great stuff but you FEEL the same.  

You still feel confused and uncertain about what you want in your life.  

You still feel very meh about your job and don’t know what you want from your career.  

You’re still doing the same old shit with the same people.  

You feel unsettled, worried and unmotivated.  

You need to decide.

Do you want to be here in 2020 feeling exactly the same?  

Or are you ready to reconnect and rediscover the true you?


“When I met Tee, I was still pretty stressed about being in my mid 20's, had just made some big life changes and really needed to work on accepting myself, flaws and all. I feel like I could have said anything to Tee and never be judged - she's a great listener, she's strong and she's also a lot of fun to chat to.  

Tee really challenged my beliefs and made me think hard about the person I am and what I can get from the future if I start fully living in the present.  

For anyone that feels a bit lost or a bit 'stuck', I really recommend getting in touch with Tee to help you break out of your rut and start loving yourself and your life again.”

- Chloe