Life Coaching

Living your most aligned life

You can feel joy and contentment in your every day.
You can feel connected to your true self.

You can follow your intuition.
You can find clarity and fulfilment.

You can create a life aligned to you.

Are you a motivated and ambitious women living a life that doesn’t feel aligned to you?
Do you feel stuck and powerless to make a change?
Do you feel like your life has drifted off course and you don’t know how to find your path?
Are you unsure where to focus your energy, what your passion is, how to develop it and where your opportunities are?
Are your thoughts, emotions and beliefs blocking you from the fulfilling life you deserve?

I understand this.

I’ve been there and I want nothing more than to help you realign your life to what’s true for you.

Let me tell you this…

You know exactly what you need.

Your heart knows, your body knows and your inner wisdom is telling you.

You just need the space and quiet to listen.

I specialise in helping you create space in your mind and in your heart so you can listen to what they’re telling you.
I show you how to open to your intuition and get quiet to listen to it.
We’ll do this through a combination of tailored mindfulness and coaching.

Together we discover your true path - the life that lights you up - and we open your world to the endless opportunities you have to create a life that’s yours.

You are a unique, talented, capable and powerful woman who deserves a life that sets your heart on fire.

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What you can expect:

  • Aligning to yourself and your intuition to rediscover what feels right for you and having the confidence to act on these feelings.

  • Identifying why you’re stuck and moving away from what’s holding you back or dimming your light.

  • Dreaming big, creating opportunities and welcoming the abundance the world is ready to give you.

  • Creating a plan to navigate the changes you want in your life and taking action steps to reach the vision you have for yourself.

  • Connecting to your sky - that inner calm, bright place you always have inside you.

  • Building resilience, emotional awareness and understanding your mind through mindfulness and meditation.

  • Filling your life with your sparks, what you love, what makes you feel good, your talents and people who support you unconditionally.

Not sure this is possible for you?

Let me tell you this.

You are not stuck.
You have everything you need to start living an empowered and fulfilled life.
Happiness and alignment is ready for you.
Open to yourself, your heart, your inner voice and the world.
See your life blossom for you.
We can build a life that’s true for you. Let’s do it together.

The Flourish Package

I offer you a unique and tailored plan over three months to navigating your new life and listening to your intuition.
Most importantly, everything we do opens you up to the world, gives you confidence and assurance in yourself, gets you listening to your true desires and what aligns with you, and moves you forward with exciting and achievable actions.
Together we will make your ideal, dream life possible.

Your three month tailored package includes:

  • Weekly in-person or video coaching sessions in the first month.

  • An in-person or video coaching session every second week in month two and three.

  • Four coaching calls.

  • Support for any questions or moments you need it via email and messages.

  • Exclusive Flourish exercises and worksheets.

  • An eight week mindfulness workbook

  • Accountability and a number one supporter in everything you do.

You know your desires, dreams and sparks
are whispering in your heart.
Lets light them up.

Can’t wait to jump in or want a little more info?

We can get to know each other more and talk about where your life is at right now and how you can reach greater alignment.

Fill in your details below and I’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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