Hi I’m Tahirih!


But you can call me Tee…

I’m the human behind Flourish and I’m so bloody excited to help you win at life!

I work with women to align them with a life of meaning, empowerment and fulfilment.

If you’re saying “ah yes please, I want that” here’s a few questions…

Are you a motivated and ambitious women living a life that doesn’t feel aligned to you?
Do you feel stuck and powerless to make a change?
Do you really know what you want and how to listen to yourself?


Well ladies, I’ve been there.

Just a few years ago I was living a misaligned life that was filled with unhealthy relationships with others and my body, no real purpose and an unsettled feeling I carried with me everywhere.

I slowed down, listened to myself and got brave about what I really wanted my life to look like.

I’m a certified life coach with mindfulness training but more importantly, I’ve got loads of experience helping others just like you.  

Because I want nothing more than to help you explore, develop and embrace who you’re truly meant to be in this world and all the happiness that comes with it.
And I know you’ve already got what you need inside you.

What I can do is guide, encourage and connect you to that inner knowledge you already have so you can create your most aligned life.

Mindfulness is key to this. Through practice, we will build a more appreciative and resilient mind and use meditation to give you the quiet you need to listen to that intuition that’s calling out to you.


So who am I outside of Flourish?

Well I’m a Kiwi girl who moved to London for a bit of adventure and the chance to travel Europe.

Most days you can find me at my day job. I work full time in marketing and partnerships at a fab company in the centre of London. I love my workmates and enjoy my job but life coaching and mindfulness teaching is what lights me up. My goal is to do it full-time in the next couple of years!

Fitness, food & Travel.

You can catch me out for a run or playing touch rugby or hockey.
If I’m not doing that then I love to be at a food market, brunching or eating out with my friends or boyfriendo.  
That’s when I’m in London.
I love love love to travel so I am often somewhere around Europe (eating all the foods and posting too many ‘gram stories).
I’m currently planning summer trips to Lake Bled and Georgia!

My fave countries so far are Iceland, Morocco, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, Ireland and Montenegro.  

Still here? Let’s connect!


You can…

Book in a free clarity call.

We can get to know each other more and talk about where your life is at right now and how you can reach greater alignment.

Just send me an email at hello@yourflourishinglife.co.uk or here.

And I’m always around on the ‘gram or Facebook. Easy!

Thanks pal, talk soon x


I also love doggos! What a pal!

I also love doggos! What a pal!

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