I’ve just been to Morocco & I took pictures with peach things for my website ;)

I’ve just been to Morocco & I took pictures with peach things for my website ;)

Hi I’m Tahirih!
But you can call me Tee…

I’m the human behind Flourish and I’m so bloody excited to help people like you win at life!

I work with females in their twenties and thirties to align them with a life of meaning, empowerment and fulfilment.

If you’re saying “ah yes please, I want that” here’s a few questions…

Do you have that feeling of being a little lost and directionless?

Do you feel like there’s something more for you in your life but you don’t know what it is or what to do about it?

Are you forever wondering what the F your actual passion is?


Well ladies, I’ve been there big time.
And I sorted my shit out.

Then did some certifications to help you sort your shit out too.
I’m a certified life coach with mindfulness training but more importantly, I’ve got loads of experience helping others just like you.  

Because I want nothing more than to help you explore, develop and embrace who you’re truly meant to be in this world and all the happiness that comes with it.
And I know you’ve already got what you need inside you.

What I can do is guide, encourage and give you the tools to get that banging life you want.

Besides coaching, I also love to teach mindfulness. I focus on understanding your mind so you can live a more appreciative life and deal better with all the shit that can be thrown your way.


So who am I outside of Flourish?

Well I’m a Kiwi girl who moved to London for a bit of adventure and the chance to travel Europe.

Most days you can find me at my day job. I work full time in marketing and partnerships at a fab company in the centre of London. I love my workmates and enjoy my job but life coaching and mindfulness teaching is what lights me up. My goal is to do it full-time in the next couple of years!

Fitness and food.

You can catch me at the gym, out for a run or playing touch rugby or hockey. If I’m not doing that then I love to be at a food market, brunching or eating out with my friends or boyfriendo.  
That’s when I’m in London.
I love love love to travel so I am often somewhere around Europe (eating all the foods and posting too many ‘gram stories).
On the hit list this year are Morocco, Iceland, Malaysia, Borneo, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan!

My fave countries so far are Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, Ireland and Montenegro.  

Still here? Let’s connect!


You can…

Send me an email at hello@yourflourishinglife.co.uk or here and say hi.
Tell me about yourself and what you really want in your life.
We can also arrange a free 30 minute phone call to talk about where you’re at right now and whether we make a good fit to work together.

Or message me on the ‘gram or Facebook. Easy!

Thanks friends, talk soon x


I also love doggos! What a pal!

I also love doggos! What a pal!